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Ayalka araç üstü ekipman araç üstü ekipman ürünlerimiz

Firefighting vehicles mounted equipments is the act of attempting to prevent the spread of and extinguish significant unwanted fires in buildings, vehicles, woodlands, etc. these vehicles are equipped to suppress fires to protect lives, property, and the environment.

Ayalka Firefighting vehicles typically undergo a high degree of technical testing before the operation.This involves structural firefighting and wildland firefighting vehicles.

· BODY WORK OF EQUIPMENT included 3 parts ; front locker, Water & foam Tank, pump bay & rear locker

· WATER TANK ‘s capacity is 3000 lt. Tank is designed that suitable to the vehicle and as a lambry and the sides are pressed

· FOAM TANK’s In the case of the needed, one unit Cr Ni foam tank is equipped and integrated that adequated capacity as proportioning to the water tank capacity

· POWDER TANK”(optional) In the case of the required, a powder unit can be equipped that contains nitrogen and its operating pressure is 14-40 kg/ cm2

· FIRE PUMP ; Body and fan is manufactured by high quality aluminum, pipe is chrome nichel. And Output of Pump is 1500-5000 lt/min.@ 10 bar– Pump is controlled by control panel that is located in the both driver cabin and rear pump partition. This panel has some indicators and control buttons. These are ;

· Normal pressure indicator

· High pressure indicator

· Vacuum indicator

· Revolution counter

· Electronic water indicator

· Electronic foam indicator

· Vacuum switch on-off bottoms.

· Pump period start and exit bottoms.

· Gas decrease and increase bottoms.

· Quick stop bottom.

Illumination bottom for night operations

· WATER/FOAM MONITOR Monitor body is made of aluminumand anti- wangles are provided with originals. There will be a jetting – fogging gun which is manufactured with a special alloy plastic material. Its control is manuel.

· HOSE REEL INSTALLATION is located in one on the rear left side of the vehicle. The hose is 30 mt., 1” (inch), working pressure is 40 Bar, unbreakable and uncrashed.

· HYDRAULIC LADDER (optional) is 2 person / 200 kg. carrying capacity; Automatic Balancing, System Optional, Basket Monitor

· ELECTRICAL SYSTEM The electrical system of the fire equipment is supported by a special fuse system. And all the electrical system isolated from the water

· PAINTING After the finishing of all the equipment production, all the surfaces will be cleaned and it will be painted with 2 undercoats and 2 Fire-red

last coat. The interior side of the water tank and foam tank will not be painted.

· WARRANTY PERIOD – one year from the date of delivery of the vehicle

· Fire Truck Equipment : 1 year ( 12 months )

· Pump : 1 year ( 12 months )

· Service and Maintenance manuel in English language


Spare parts cataloque also in English language.


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