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Ayalka araç üstü ekipman araç üstü ekipman ürünlerimiz

Ayalka Garbage compacors  is designed for mechanized and manual collection of solid waste and transporting them to the places of disposal.

Design: The design construction and mounting of the body is to meet the Health and Safety. Regulation of Turkey with regard to its use and operation

Quality Certificate & Capability Ayalka is currently reg:istered with relevant registration standards for construction&welding, and is to be able to proof production and sales in case it’s necessary according DIN EN 1501 standards.

Installation The superstructure’s assembly shall be realized according to the trucks superstructure installation directives. The superstructure shall be mounted with rigid connection at rear, and flexible connection in front to provide the required elasticity.

Dimensions can only be given according to truck chassis dimensions (* The equipment is mounted on chassis MERCEDES-BENZ, IVECO, MAZ, КAMAZ, SCANIA, MAN and their all models.)

Body All reinforcements of body welded on the body sheets, of thickness ST-52.

Tailgate ;

Collecting & Compacting The garbage reach on body via the sweeper and sledge cylinders.


Lifting security provided by two double- acting hydraulic cylinders.


Hopper Capacity the self cleaning ability during discharge.


Locking prevents the leakage of the wastewater due to road conditions.


Hydraulic Cylinders tubes according to DIN 2391° C  norms


Hydraulic Hoses comply with the SAE 100R2 standards.


Painting shot blasting and oven painting.




·        Two steel mudguards with rubber flaps at rear ends.

·        1 rotating beacons light at the tailgate.

·        2 illumination lights on top of the hopper

·        Rear vision camera( optional)

·        Operating / Maintenance / Spare parts manuel.

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